Monster truck pictures

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Welcome to my Monster Truck Pictures collection!

On this "monster truck pictures" -website you will find thousands of pictures of all kinds of Monster Trucks.

Most of these monster truck pictures have been found on the internet, and they are the ones I have saved over the years. Some of these pictures have been my and other people's wallpapers. These Monster Truck Pictures aren't really in a particular order.

A monster truck is a pickup truck, typically styled after pickup trucks' bodies, modified or purposely built with extremely large wheels and suspension. You can find monster trucks in various entertaining sport events across the world, but mostly in the US.

Monster truck pictures can and do serve as wallpapers and posters. I have personally decorated my son's room with a few posters, and he loves them.

But enough with the yadda yadda bs, let's get to the main reason this website was built and show you the pictures:

Monster Truck Pictures

More Monster Truck Pictures Coming Soon!